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October 10, 2011
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Stamp artistic skills by Evanatt Stamp artistic skills by Evanatt
I wasn't sure if the grammar goes like "an good artist" or "a good artist"?.
But anyway.. (I'll fix it if it's wrong here).

Back to topic;
This stamp is to tell that you don't really need more than paper, eraser and a pencil to make art.

Some people run around and think "Omg I don't have photoshop/sai/copic ect. Then I can't make art". But the thing is even with with those tools, you still need some skills. It's not the tools alone that make the art, believe me. And you can do good things with simple things like paper, eraser and a pencil really.
So don't just sit and wait for getting some "fancy" equipment, grab a simple pencil and draw if that what you wish for XD.

I personally started with fat crayons and paper as kid (jumped over to pencil eventually though). and later on digital I started with ballmouse and ms paint on windows 98 :XD:..
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MissFancyness Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i think traditional art takes more work and talent,but i don't hate digital :3
Well, this stamp is not about digital vs traditional art though :3.
MissFancyness Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know :3 i was just saying that i support traditional more <3
I always use paper (: I use it everyday o.o
Engelsblau Mar 16, 2012
Makes me think about people who draw crap and they're like. "I did it with photoshop - worship me"
Personally, I prefer pencil over tablet, because you can always use it, unlike my tablet which is broken for some reason...
pencil is the best tool ever.
Indigo-Kitsune Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for this stamp. XD I've been saying this for the longest time and everyone's just "But I gotta have all these expensive pens and special papers to do art! It doesn't deserve normal paper and pencil!". And then...I just wanna slap them with my binder full of print paper.

Finally, someone who I can agree with on art. Thanks again. ^^
XD haha silly. It's specially apply when you're a new beginner, don't use too much money if you are unsure if you even like doing this.

I can understand that people who have been drawing in a while wish for some other new tools to (play with) try out on though.

I personally got an advice once that I should use marker paper for inking, and when I tried it, I thought still normal copy paper was better, since it dries faster there XD. So sometime cheaper stuff can be the better option.
Indigo-Kitsune Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I hop between my tablet and Photoshop (Pro 7, old program) which I suck at and my print paper, 0.05 mechanical pencil, and Sharpie Pen (for inking). And occasionally, my metal/cork straight edge. God, I love that thing for comic panels.

To be honest, I think I even draw BETTER on paper than I do the tablet. For the sole fact that I'm able to look down at my hand as I draw and see what's doing. Not that I'm any great artist anyways (just an amateur cartoonist of two years) but I find that I improve much quicker on paper.

I say, all ENTIRE art supply (including the big pink, sometimes white, block eraser I failed to mention earlier), cost me a good 15 bucks (American) and has lasted me for...well, two years. Ever since I started cartooning.

I do wish I had a proper desk lamp, though. (Or find a bulb for the one I already have, something between a normal bulb and a small.)
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